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Linux Inside Satellite TV Receivers

Talking about linux on a satellite tv receiver, you might straightly think about Enigma2. Why is that so? Because many people will refer to Enigma2 when they're asked about linux on an STB. In fact, there are still other kinds of linux used on the STB. For example, you may know about Fortis and Spark, and what about some receivers which use Guoxin GX6622. Enigma is known to be the largest community supported linux STB since it is now Open Source, i.e you can find the source code to compile the image for your box based on the brand you have. It is easy to find the sources on github by the team, name it OpenPLi, OpenATV, OpenBH, and many more. These teams officially support some brands including the famous brand itself the DMM. Beside the DMM, there are also other brands which also popular among the users: VU+, Dinobot, Amiko, Formuler, Mutant, Zgemma, and many more. If you find your box are still not supported yet, you may try to request to the people who involve in coding th